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What We Treat

Whether It’s Your Elbow, Ankle, Fingers, or Hips, Our Therapists have Probably Seen Someone With a Similar Injury As Yours.

Because we take a full 60 minute, 1-on-1 treatment approach, our therapists have the time to dive deep into helping our clients. Our business model allows us to make each patient’s health and outcome a priority. By giving our therapists the resources and flexibility to research the latest and best evidence, they are able to adapt to new situations efficiently and deliver high quality care and great patient outcomes.

By taking the time to understand each patient’s injury while keeping up with the research, we are able to get you better, faster, with less chance of re-injury. And we’re willing to pull out all the stops to do so.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Sterling Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy in Suwanee, GA

72+ 5-Star Reviews!

-Kimberly K.

“Julie does an amazing job with her patients. She gets to know them and focuses on what each patient needs individually. As a result, my son’s range of motion and strength have improved. Julie takes the time to look at the whole picture, not just the specific injury. “

-Ronda J.

“Sterling Sports Medicine was able to schedule my daughter immediately following her sports related injury. Both physical therapists were knowledgeable and made her feel totally at ease. As a parent I appreciated the time they took to complete a comprehensive examination, explain her injury, and discuss next steps. “

-Sandee T.

“I am so impressed with Sterling Sports Medicine. During my consult and evaluation they gave me their full attention, asked questions to get my full history, and took the time to explain my injury and why we are doing each particular exercise. I’m excited to be back to normal soon with this crew!! “